The Meaning of One (1) –

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The turning of the leaves, the cool crisp mornings, and the glorious crinsom and purple skies of sunset resonate within my soul.  October is the month in which I was born and this year is a seminal one for me.  I am about to enter into a new cycle on my journey in this current incarnation on the planet Earth.   According to numerology this is my One (1) year, a time of new beginnings.   My birthdate — October 15, 2010 equals 11, an important number because it cannot be reduced to its smallest denominator — a prime number and a number of great significance.  I am destined for great things according by my favorite numerologist, who also happens to be a true soul sister.  She and I share opposites signs — I am Libra and she is Aries — we are women of the equinoxes in the Wheel of the Year.  LaVerne was actually born on the Vernal Equinox, and I arrived almost 30 days after the turn of the wheel to the Fall Equinox — when the days and nights are equal all over the world.  Maybe this is why we have been traveling on the same path for the past few years.  I’ve known LaVerne for years, but it wasn’t until we were both “discovered” by InterPlay three years ago, and we’ve been playing ever since. Anyway, according to the numbers — the Universe has brought us together in many ways.  She is truly an Earth Woman and so am I.


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